Corey Hackett-Greene


Born in Philadelphia to both of his parents from Philadelphia, Corey was raised with help from his grandmother, whose values and prayers cover him until this day. These same values and prayers have allowed Corey to cultivate his God-given gifts to fulfill his purpose and dedicate his life to God, his brand, and his community.


Following his collegiate experience, Corey struggled to find a fulfilling occupation leading him to further his education through a series of books, seminars, and networking. By doing so, he was able to discover his gifts and turn his newfound knowledge into action. Since then, Corey has been able to establish his business, personal brand, co-founded venture of No More Interviews, real estate investing with his family, and co-founded the In My Bag Tour Foundation.

Most recently, Corey has worked with over 40+ brands and companies leveraging his social media platforms to establish representation in various industries and form relationships for the betterment of his community. For more information on Corey, please visit:

Kevin Stephenson Jr.


Kevin is a 24-year-old entrepreneur, multimedia content strategist, and philanthropist currently in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area).


He is the sole owner of K3 Marketing and Media. He graduated with a degree in Construction Management and Engineering at Virginia Tech, he realized his passion was behind the lens of a camera.

Since graduating, Kevin has co-founded No More Interviews, a movement inspired by vision and purpose, the In My Bag Tour Foundation, a non-profit organization that develops educated, entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are healthy and serve their communities. Through these ventures, he hopes to touch and add value to many people!

To some, this seems completely off the chart to now be a media and brand strategist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. However, being multi-disciplinary allows for a unique perspective. Kevin’s life purpose is to honor God throughout his journey and be able to let his journey be an inspiration to others.  For more information on Kevin, please visit:


No More Interviews LLC

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